4Sight is an integrator, and operator of protective technology for companies operating in high threat locations.

21st Century Solutions

Potential technical solutions for information gathering:

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAS's) Sensors
  • Radars
  • Day/night High Definition Cameras (mast mounted or Balloon-mounted)
  • Balloon mounted Sensors
  • Ground Sensors

Most effective solutions are a combination of systems backed by effective software solutions and robust command and control. A layered solution provides a comprehensive, and robust capability which has depth, resilience and redundancy. High quality, military standard, cost effective systems are now available to the civilian market.

Implementation: Integrated Approach

4Sight designs solutions based upon client specific needs: A Surveillance Plan would be developed for each client - this Surveillance plan would then be implemented and operated.

UAS's have grabbed headlines but they are simply a platform for a sensor (that does provide excellent flexibility, depth and persistence). It is, however the sensor that provides the information. As with UAS's the sensors come in many forms with differing functionalities. Sensors can be mast mounted or balloon mounted.

Each system has strengths and weaknesses: it is aligning the pros and cons that is one of the qualitative edges that 4Sight provides to a client. This is articulated in a surveillance plan, prepared for each client

  1. Use of UAS and potential suppliers/types
  2. Use of Balloons
  3. Use of Radars
  4. Use of ground sensors
  5. Command and Control Systems
  6. Software Solutions presently available