Each system has strengths and weaknesses – it is aligning the right equipment for the right task that is one of the qualitative edges that 4Sight provides to a client.

Use of UAS's

UAS's range from small hand launched devices to large systems that require runways and major service teams. They also range significantly in terms of pricing – even for systems that have similar endurance and payload characteristics. It is this very bewildering array of options that allows for 4Sight to help shape and integrate tailored solutions for clients.

UAS's deliver to the client:

  • Eyes and Ears: Enhanced Situational Understanding/Knowledge - Depth
  • 365/24/7, Day/Night Capable - Endurance
  • Multi-sensor packages: Visual, Thermal, Infra-Red, listening
  • Delivers multiple effects: Inform/Deter/Disrupt/Reassure
  • Early warning/increased reaction time
  • Real time information during an incident
  • Potential operational benefits: Health, Safety and environmental: “benefits beyond security”

Use of Aerostat Balloons

Aerostat balloons, with stabilised sensors systems, provide an excellent platform above a facility, or mounted on a vessel offshore. They are a powerful, persistent visual deterrent. The employment of balloon-based surveillance systems has revolutionised base security, when deployed their wide employment has proven highly effective in deterring attacks from critical infrastructure.


  • Gyro-stabilized, single and dual sensor gimbals. Self-contained launcher with optional host trailer.
  • Low crew training/ handling
  • Persistence – on station 24/7
  • Long stand-off range with human detection at 3+ km.
  • Extended Helium storage for high-altitude operations.

Use of Radars

Radars are extremely effective when coupled with verification means – such as a UAS/ high definition camera mounted on Balloons or mast mounted platforms.

The main advantages are:

  • Persistence
  • All weather, day/night capable
  • Highly Reliable, low maintenance
  • Easy to deploy and operate
  • Auto-cue capability linked to camera systems

Use of ground sensors

Another tool to provide information is ground sensors. These devices are normally covertly laid and provide excellent cover for dead ground or an extended perimeter. They are easily deployed, they have minimal sovereignty issues/ importation issues, a long Battery Life, up to 10 years and can be linked in with other systems.

Command and Control Systems

4Sight will review client command and control systems and the wider analysis capability. 4Sight also offers clients the structures and processes to DIRECT, COLLECT, FUSE, ANALYSE, DISSEMINATE and DECIDE upon time-critical information and to draw meaningful conclusions – key to this is strong effective command and control.

Software Solutions

Within the civilian markets sophisticated software solutions linked to data provided by technical solutions are now available. One such system is change recognition software - a powerful tool for example for the protection of moves along key routes.